Alexander Daniel(left) has been with the team since it was created in 2012. In 2013, he returned as a mentor, and then in 2014 took over the day to day operations of the team. Since then, Alex has been an invaluable asset to the team, providing a link between administration and the mentors of the team.

Alex is currently a 5th year student at LSU.

Connor Martin is one of two new mentors for the 2017 season. Hailing from team XXXX, Connor joined the 4209 crew though an opportunity at LSU. While at team XXXX, Connor was in charge of the robot code and electronics. Now, 4209 uses his experience and knowledge to fill the role of Head Programmer.
Connor is a triple major at LSU in Mathematics, Computer Science, and Physics.


Craig Jones(left, bottom) joined Team 4209 during the 2016 season when a friend recommended him as a possible mentor. Though initially skeptical due to other time commitments, Craig quickly fell in love with the program. Through his experience heading projects for the physics department at LSU, Craig became in charge of all things design. Through this, he helps us dream bigger than "defense robot" every year.

Craig is currently a senior at LSU and will graduate in May with a double major of computer science and physics

Vanessa Begat(right) joined our team through a mutual contact at LSU. Wanting to bring robotics to Lee High School and a bigger level than Vex, Vanessa joined 4209 after seeing our goal of making a Baton Rouge wide team. Since joining, she has helped establish 4209 at Lee High School and through writing grants that help us afford parts and raw materials.

Stewart Craig(right, top) joined the team in 2013 as a freshmen in high school. As a freshmen, Stewart knew little of robotics and preferred to spend his time organizing the various tools left strewn about. As he grew and learned, Stewart took on a leadership position and after graduating in 2016, came back to the team as our lead Mechanical Mentor.

Stewart is currently a freshmen at LSU in the mechanical engineering program.